Spotlight on #STARGATE and #remoteviewing

As part of MIND:2019 we are exploring ideas around remote viewing and the historical application of remote viewing techniques to gather information through non-local, non-physical means. We'll be looking into these potentials from both a quantum physics perspective and a spiritual mediumship angle. Stories of astral travel, reincarnation, telepathy and other psi abilities are common place in Eastern cultures. In China many institutions exist where kids can hone their psychic abilities.

This event consists of two parts: 1) The Remote Viewing Training Workshop and 2) The Remote Viewing Symposium. 
The Remote Viewing Symposium:

1) DIA/CIA remote viewing research STARGATE project with David Luke 

David Luke will talk on the DIA/CIA remote viewing research STARGATE project, a multimillion dollar psychic espionage operation that was run by paraphysicists for 20 years until 1987. As a parapsychologist who trained for several months in the USA, David is personally acquainted with 3 of the major operators of the project, and will speak about STARGATE, other remote viewing research and parapsychology in general.

2) The Reclaiming of Remote Viewing with Beatrice Brown 

I was first taught how to remote view by a wild and wrinkled Australian Aunt, who sat at our kitchen table reading jewellery for all the adults. She looked at ten year old me, and said- I’ve never done this before, but you can have a go on that if you like, while she handed me her wedding ring. I held it, eyes closed, and flew over forests and motorways til I could describe her house, her car, and the journey she would take across a big bridge to the home of her estranged daughter. I could see her daughter sitting by the pool and I could feel that she was sad. We never called it Remote Viewing though. It was, like the Tarot cards I’d been given by our lodger Morgan, just a freaky parlour game. It wasn’t until I was an adult and had begun researching the history of Remote Viewing that I realised that RV, like so many magical practices officially belonged to and had been sewn up by the Men In Suits. In this talk I will compare the culture of women skrying in my family and global/ local communities and the phenomenon of Remote Viewing for intelligence agencies and Psi Ops. 

3) Accessing the Akashic Records using Art, Holotropic Breathwork and Remote Viewing with Carl H Smith 

Is there a relationship between navigating the Akashic records with your breath and remote viewing? Can Art act as a trigger for entering remote viewing states? How can Holotropic Breathwork give rise to Holographic visions? Can we use these techniques in groups to enter the same space? 

4) Creating a Remote Viewing Laboratory with Samantha Treasure

Using a haunted building as a makeshift laboratory, a group of paranormal investigators and out-of-body experiencers conducted a set of preliminary experiments to see whether, in an out-of-body state, they could remotely observe an object in another room. These experiments revealed that similar themes were shared between participants in dreams, out-of-body experiences and apparition sightings, calling into question how the remote viewer should differentiate between target content and non-target content (i.e. content originating from the mind of the remote viewer or others). It also calls into question which state is most conducive to "true" remote viewing practice. Sam will discuss these findings and their implications for remote viewing.

5) The Science of Remote Viewing with Jazz Rasool

What in our biology and psychology makes a system to access other regions of time and space? Is the brain the only component of such a system? Are there aspects of Physics or Meditative techniques that we must harness for safe remote viewing?

6) The ArtSensorium Lab with Cynthia Harrison

The ArtSensorium objective was to investigate the hypothesis that thought images can be transferred from one person to another. Three artists collaborate (between Australia and Spain) to develop a process of transferring images through space in an experiment of art by telepathy 'feeling at a distance’, essentially mind-to-mind contact. It became apparent Cynthia was 'Viewing' in 3 distinct ways, one of which was Remote Viewing, were the mind obtains information from anywhere remote in space time on people, places and things. This session is an exploration of observations and new ways of knowing experienced while gathering and recording remote data via a creative process. The ArtSensorium Lab artists include Cynthia Harrison (Australia), Imma Jimenez (Spain) and Cristina Miranda (Spain/Brazil).

The Remote Viewing Training Workshop: 

1) Jewellery Reading Remote Viewing with Beatrice Brown 

During this session Beatrice will invite attendees to bring a piece of jewellery to share and ‘read’ using one of the oldest methodologies of Remote Viewing. What impressions/ memories/frequencies are stored within your family jewels? 

2) The Art of Remote Viewing with Jazz Rasool

Theories underpinning RV are plentiful but are there specific practices that switch on our RV capacity in accelerated ways? Three techniques are presented to take part in that may run counter to traditional RV techniques.

3) Accessing the Internal Channel with Cynthia Harrison

A technique to locate and activate the fundamental control centre of consciousness located within the brain. One of the main points is the Pineal gland, which contains light sensitive cells like those in the retina, indicating that the pineal can ’see’. It is here that we visualise or see things in our minds eye.

4) The Lucid State of Remote Viewing with Sarah Janes

The lucid state is an ideal one in which to aim for remote viewing targets and develop visioning skills. Using the ancient technique of dream incubation, intentions can be set for targets and locations. Sarah will bring an object in a sealed box and invite participants to use the dream state that evening to peer inside and view the contents. A short dream incubation session will help set this intention and results will be assessed at Saturday's symposium.

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