Spotlight on #HASTINGS !

If you're thinking of coming for one or both days of the conference from out of town, I think you'll enjoy taking some time out and enjoying the local sights, shops and eateries.

Hastings is a really beautiful town, especially along the seafront and around the Old Town area. 

Unlike Brighton, our beaches are rarely busy (sometimes you can go groyne to groyne all on your own) and they are also clean and lovely for swimming in. There have been a lot of seals spotted in the water recently actually!

There are loads of top notch places to eat in both Hastings and neighbouring St Leonards. 

Plus it's going to be lovely weather so you could grab a snack and sit on the beach which is just two minutes from the venue.

Top recommendations for coffee near the venue:

Wow And Flutter - Mostly a record shop but the coffee comes from Sham City Roasters and is A-Okay! 8 Trinity Street.

Hi-Store / HiFest - Also on Trinity Street.

Hanushka Coffee House - Robertson Street cozy cafe full of books

Best for lunch and snacks:

Trinity Wholefoods - Trinity street. Delicious vegetarian and organic snacks. try the cult 'smafels'.

Bullet Coffee House - Delicious breakfasts and lunches, specialising in vegan and gluten-free options. 

Kassa Coffee - is a stroll along the seafront into St. Leonards but worth it for affordable and satisfying big feed nosh ups of Persian and Afghan specials at lunch time. An absolute St Leonards GEM! 

Goat Ledge - Right on the beach in St. Leonards, delicious fish rolls, coffee and ice cream.

Edge St Leonards - A friendly and cozy place on the seafront in St. Leonards. Loads of tasty things on the menu, homemade cakes and the best staff!

Hastings is also home to the World Crazy Golf Championship and our course is definitely worth a go.

There are loads more - please plonk your suggestions in the comments...