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Today it's - Jazz Rasool.

Jazz Rasool is a Researcher and Developer at the Learning Technology Research Centre (LTRC) based at Ravensbourne University London and has a Bachelor's degree in Physics and Masters degree in 3D Computer Modelling. His recent work has been centred on EU funded research where he has created software and processes to roadmap emerging futures in the European creative sectors of Art, Architecture, Design, Gaming, Media and e-Publishing. 

At Ravensbourne he's been part of a team developing VR/wearable technology to help train students in various highly-skilled disciplines and challenging environments, such as medical procedures and in astronaut training. 

Jazz has 35 years' experience in computer programming and is a web designer as well as being the first certified graphics engineer in the UK for the Corel Graphics company. He created 'Atmascape', software that psychologically profiles a person to create graphical heat maps of the motivations, strengths and weaknesses in their Learning and Creativity. He has imported these Atmascape maps into the Unity 3D game engine to build 3D terrains that form the foundations of a Virtual Reality world. In this virtual world, each person can experience and travel through their 'inner landscape' leading to applications in improved mental health, learning, creativity and even social wellbeing.

Jazz will be in Hastings next week talking about - sentient, emotional, mental, perceptual, sensory and physical energy. He'll be taking part in our #FUTUREHUMANS panel alongside Jayney GoddardBrian Earp(neuroethics, philosophy and health policy- University of Oxford), Carl H Smith and Dr. Blay Whitby (AI, ethics) from the University of Sussex

Looking at telepathy as well as Remote Viewing and Healing in our Remote Viewing: Training Workshop and Symposium chaired by Carl H Smith (also at the LTRC Ravensbourne).

Tickets online here: 
£10 ONE DAY / £15 TWO DAYS

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