So I thought I'd share some interesting stuff about the brilliant speakers that will be attending the conference next week...

DAY ONE - Dr. David Luke

David Luke is an truly unusual academic, with probably one of the most cool and weird areas of specialty imaginable 'Exceptional Human Experience'. 

All forms of fantastic phenomenon such as telepathy, remote viewing, psychedelic psychology, spiritual epiphanies, Out-of-Body- Experiences, Near Death Experiences, pre-cognition, lucid dreams and ESP fly into his pigeon hole at The University of Greenwich, where he is Senior Lecturer in Psychology and an Inspirational Teaching Award Winner. 

He's always been one of the most fun and popular The Explorers CLUBspeakers and has recently given many talks in #London with Funzing with very snappy, crowd-pulling titles such as 'Tales from a Psychedelic Researcher' and 'Death, DMT and Discarnate Entities'.

He is one of the key figures in the current #Psychedelic Renaissance, organising the enormous bi-annual psychedelic conference Breaking Convention: 5th International Psychedelic Conference at The University of Greenwich. 

David had grabbed headlines for being a 'Psychedelic Indiana Jones' and his stories of amazing entheogenic adventures with indigenous people all over the world make his talks especially engaging and colourful.

His new book: New book: Otherworlds: Psychedelics and Exceptional Human Experience' - was the winner of the Parapsychological Association Annual Book Award 2018.

Dr. David Luke will be joining us on Saturday to head up our Remote Viewing: Training Workshop and Symposium

David will talk on the DIA/CIA remote viewing research #STARGATEproject, a multimillion dollar psychic espionage operation that was run by paraphysicists for 20 years until 1987. As a parapsychologist who trained for several months in the USA, David is personally acquainted with 3 of the major operators of the project, and will speak about STARGATE, other remote viewing research and parapsychology in general.

Tickets are just £15/£10 and still available online at TicketSource and locally from wow and flutter, and you can get a pass for either one or two days.

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