SATURDAY 27th April - ESCAPING PLATO'S CAVE in DRAKELOW TUNNELS with Anthony Peake and Dr. David Luke

In collaboration with author Anthony Peake, Dr. David Luke, Carl H. Smith and the inventors of the Lucia Light - Dr Engelbert Winkler and Dr. Dirk Proeckl - Reviving Plato’s Cave offer a cthonic initiation ritual utilising cutting edge technology and new ideas of consciousness.

The Seventh Ray experience is a response to a fascination with the initiation techniques of Mystery Schools - I see a parallel here with experiences of the dream state in which a death rehearsal, adventure in the dark, radiant underworld offer a subsequent enrichment to real life. Do these mysterious practices around the ancient world have a potential application in modern entertainment/therapy? In the digital prison we have created, can technology now open a way to escape a society pathologically distracted by its own reflection?

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