In the ancient worlds of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome there was a strong tradition of Mystery School training. These systems of initiation can still be seen today in the spiritual doctrines of many Eastern cultures and such organisations and fraternities as Freemasonry, Anthroposophy, Theosophy and Rosicrucianism.

Training in the esoteric arts and cultivation of what the founder of Anthroposophy - Rudolf Steiner calls - ‘Spiritual Organs’ (with which one can start to perceive the Spirit Worlds) does generally of course take some considerable time, commitment and patience. But the initiation experience of the aspirant is always a landmark event upon their spiritual quest, often opening up a lifetime journey towards an eventual re-merging with Spirit.

THE SEVENTH RAY is designed to provide a catalysing initiatory experience, incorporating the rich symbolism of the Mystery Traditions into a cyber-delically induced first-hand experience of ‘Inner Wisdom’ - the inherent, yet occult, knowledge within all humans that they have a divine origin and immortality of spirit.