Brecon Beacons Recce

Daniel Lee and I visited the Brecon Beacons to check out the location of the Awake + Away Dream Retreat we're holding at the Llanthony Priory in July.  

The bunkhouse we will be staying in is a converted stone barn. It's cozy and dark and absolutely ideal for deep sleeping.

There's a communal dining area and wood-burning stove where we're really looking forward to experiencing the menu designed by Cardiff's Atma Cafe catering, all food is vegan, organic and gluten-free and put together with love and an awareness of the power plants have to aid dreaming and clarity.

We are also delighted to have Amy Turner from Nature Therapies with us on this weekend. Amy is a gifted masseuse that specialises in massages that connect us with the healing power of plants, using essential oils and resins derived from plant species including oakmoss, honeysuckle, sweet birch, and scotch pine, Amy's unique, intuitive massages are powerfully grounding and activating and she has a super-natural ability to make you sleep. 

The  surrounding Llanthony Priory site is absolutely gorgeous, with its beautiful ruins framing the powerful black mountains that surround on all sides. Springs, streams, iron-rich earth and magical mountains abound in this part of the world.

Myths and natural wisdom are woven into the landscape everywhere and we shall be working with these stories and energies in our dream incubation. We shall incubate on the mountains, learn the fairy tales of ancient Wales. Yoga practice, breathwork and mythological walks will all help us develop good sleep hygiene and the right kind of calm for lucid dream work. 

The chapel of St. David is said to have been built atop the monastic cell of St. David himself, making this place of sacred importance to Welsh folklore and spiritual culture. 

Down the road, through the Treats camping ground and B&B, you can walk into the Llanthony Forest and take a drink from Callum's Well - an ancient spring that surfaces in a lovely meadow full of celandine and wild watercress.

In Llanthony there is no phone signal or WiFi, so this is also a perfect opportunity for a digital detox.