The Mysteries - Lesson 1

Alistair Coombs is delivering the first Mysteries lesson. Archeo-astronomy and the celestial seeds of culture.

Tickets are £8 / ADV purchase only, please email or call me on 07786 686 786 to book. Mystery location Hastings/St. Leonards.

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The past two decades have witnessed a rise in scholarship investigating western occultism, which is also termed esotericism. The discovery of the occult as an influential drive in diverse modern counterculture, political and artistic movements, from paganism and new age spirituality, modernist art and cinema, to the Nazi party, has become a new discipline in the study of religion. Its non-Cartesian role in Renaissance Europe and classical world traditions has also been demonstrated implying it is not the creation of a specific age or cultural frame. Examining its core ideas, systems of correspondence and the organisational characteristics and rituals of groups, a form of occult activity can be traced to the Upper Palaeolithic. From cave art serving as a symbolic storage system of astronomical information in the timing of feasts and ritual events, to secret societies of the Upper Palaeolithic-Neolithic boundary, we encounter a range of prehistoric occultism in art, megaliths and ritual paraphernalia. The symbolic expression of thought these pre-civilization, hunter-gatherer groups utilized was not an alternative to another language system as it might be today but was an aspect of the ceremonial activity from which civilization appears to have emerged.