DREAM POTION Pillow Spray 30ml. Inspired by the Greek Sleep Temples of antiquity and dream herbal remedies recorded in the Greek magical papyri. 

This DREAM POTION is a blend of relaxing and memory enhancing essential oils such as Frankincense, Rosemary and Chamomile with a rosewater base and the blessings of the Greek goddess and personification of memory #Mnemosyne and the Greek dream healer God #Asklepios.

Use this spray in a dream incubation practice. The olfactory senses can be powerful tools for developing awareness in a dream. 

My tip for using this spray is to use it before sleep to add a new sensory layer to your environment as you begin your dream preparation. 

Firstly write down everything that has happened during the day. Starting from the present time and working backwards. Try to see the events and symbols you have encountered in your recent waking life with the same sort of critical enquiry that you might use if you were analysing a dream. 

As you write it down, try to visualise the scenes and events as vividly as is possible. Visualisation is the practice that nourishes your dream worlds. 

Focus your attention upon the fragrance of the oils and write down your desired dream outcome or a request for greater insight into a particular problem or situation. Sit with this intention in a meditative state for at least 5 minutes. 

SPRAY the DREAM POTION on to your pillow, lie down to sleep on your back and remind yourself that you are about to enter the dream state, try to remain sleeping on your back for as long as possible. 

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