Healing Dream & Ritual - C.A. Meier

The definitive tome on Ancient Greek dream incubation practices and the culture of Asklepion Sleep Temples.


Healing Dream and Ritual - C.A. Meier


Professor C.A. Meier was a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Switzerland. A co-founder of the C.G. Jung Institute and its president.


This book is an exhaustive exploration of Greek Sleep Temple culture, history and the practice of dream incubation as a self-therapy.


A comparative analysis of ancient incubation and modern, Jungian psychotherapy in which the human need for divine intervention is seen as the ideal device for activating a self-healing mechanism within the psyche. 


According to Jung modern humans suffer when they feel a remoteness from God. Healing occurs when the distance is reconciled. Dreams are the journeys the unconscious embarks upon to re-integrate with the divine.