Knowledge of the Higher Worlds - HEARING

What are the 'Spiritual Senses'?


Knowledge of the Higher Worlds - Rudolf Steiner

In his book - Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, Rudolf Steiner talks frequently of the need to develop the spiritual senses. In order to observe the spiritual worlds, one must develop the necessary perceptual apparatus. Otherwise these realities will remain occult. Knowledge of the occult is acquired only through direct experience - gnosis. A process of purification, meditation and increasing energetic subtlety is the path to gnosis.

Steiner directs his reader/initiate in a number of exercises designed to cultivate, open and nourish these spiritual organs (the chakras). As you work through these exercises, your sensitivity does indeed increase and your sense for energy and invisible forces is greatly amplified. You do begin to sense the life-force in your environment, plants, trees, in people, buildings and city crowds. Healthy and negative energies are tangible feelings.

One thing I notice in this new version of reality is that the sense of energy perception is somehow close to that of the experience of hearing.