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Music and Dance in Remote Antiquity

Fort Process and The Mysteries - St. Leonards on Sea Chapter have joined forces to bring you an afternoon in the beautiful Durbar Hall in HBC Hastings Museum & Art Gallery learning from a master ethnomusicologist. 

Dirk Campbell's talk went down a storm at the Brighton Early Music Festival and there can be no more perfect a setting in Hastings for listening and learning about the divine origins of music and dance. 

Dirk has the incredible ability to combine a talk on the nature of music and dance in remote antiquity with actually bringing along a large and varied collection of instruments and playing them throughout.

Dirk Campbell is a British multi-instrumental musician, composer and energy company executive.

Although initially known as a member of progressive rock bands such as Egg and National Health, Campbell would later (in his own words) "(forswear) the genre of rock music altogether, even the experimental variety (where can one find that now?) and began to develop an interest in folk tradition and, increasingly, non-western music." Originally a bass guitarist, he is now a diverse multi-instrumentalist specialising in wind instruments from around the world, including period folk instruments. He is also a lecturer on "music in remote antiquity", and maintains a strong interest in "ways of incorporating non-western music into contemporary composition."


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