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Introduction to Induction - Hypnosis Workshop

Introduction to Induction: A Workshop in Hypnosis and the Imaginal Realms with Danny Nemu

Trance is a natural, pleasurable and profound state of relaxation and focus that dissolves anxiety and accesses the creative and curative power of the unconscious.

Hypnotherapists use it to treat phobia, tinnitus and a wide range of stress-related physical conditions such as dermatitis and IBS, and it can also be used to open up lines of communication into the depths of the unconscious. For people interested in the nature of the deep mind and the art of persuasion, knowing how to hypnotise and be hypnotised is invaluable.

In Danny’s workshop, you will:
- Experience hypnotic trance, and the worlds beneath the surface of cognition.
- Hypnotise other people while mastering the basics of the Elmaninduction and practicing hypnotic language.
- Learn a technique of self-hypnosis.
- Explore the nature of the world generated by the processes of cognition.

Note: this is an experiential demonstration of hypnosis inside your own head, not on stage. We won’t need volunteers to cluck like chickens or forget their names. Of course, if you want to see or experience the more extraordinary manifestations, that it can be arranged.

Tickets £12. Please contact Danny Nemu for more info and to arrange payment.

Danny Nemu is a practicing hypnotherapist fascinated with the human mind and how to tap into its normally dormant potentials. He is the author of Neuro-Apocalypse and Science revealed, out on Psychedelic Press.

Please visit Danny’s hypnotherapy website [] and his publisher’s site []