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Join me in an experiment to explore the potential and possibilities of DREAM TELEPATHY.

To register your interest please send me an email at: - or click on this LINK to subscribe

I often find that dreams on the night of the Full Moon have an extra potency - so join us on this auspicious night to see if we can make contact telepathically. 

There are no specific instructions but some tips and hints can be found below.

The plan is to project a pre-determined image whilst I am lucid and to see if I can project this into a space that can be accessed by other distant sleepers.

  • Make a real effort to get at least a few consecutive good sleeps in before the date set for the telepathy experiment. 
  • On the night - set an intention before sleeping to become lucid. 
  • You could try writing down the intention to find me and see the target image I am projecting.
  • If you attain lucidity ask out loud in the dream space to be shown the target image.
  • If at any point you wake up during the night, write down any recollections, even if they are just snippets of information.
Later Event: March 31