The Return of Beavers to The UK - and why this should be celebrated!

The implications of beaver reintroduction to biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

Sam Gandy has a PhD in ecological science from the University of Aberdeen and an MRes in entomology from Imperial College London. He has a lifelong interest in nature and wildlife and has been fortunate enough to conduct field research in various parts of the world including the UK, Kefalonia, Almeria, Texas, the Peruvian Amazon, Vietnam and Ethiopia. He has a keen interest in beavers and their overdue introduction to the UK, and was media volunteer for the Scottish Wild Beaver Group, effectively a PR agent for Scotland's beavers.

Grey Owl and his Beaver Friends

Sarah Janes, host of The Explorers Club will be giving a short ‘B’ Talk about Hastings favourite trickster and one of the world’s first celebrity conservationists - Grey Owl.

After the talk guests are invited to join us for a walk around the wood of Summerfields. Walking boots/wellies recommended.

August 24th DARREN SPRINGER in Hastings

14:00 - 17:00

LOCATION information by emailing :

The Shroomshop: Mushroom Cultivation for Beginners

Mushrooms have been growing wild since prehistoric times. Their therapeutic value has been prized in indigenous cultures, for thousands of years. They play a critical role in medicinal practice and were noted in some of the first books on herbal medicine written thousands of years ago

In the past few decades, mushrooms have become more popular for their therapeutic qualities in the west as a result of an expanding body of scientific research supporting their numerous health benefits.

Come and learn the basics of mushroom cultivation, explore various techniques for growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms such as Oyster, Reishi, Shiitake and many other strains of mushrooms.

This will be a hands on experience we will cover everything you need to know to get you started.

What will we cover?

What are Mushrooms?
How do Mushrooms grow?
How do you grow Mushrooms at home?
Mushroom Aftercare
How to make and use Spore Prints, Spawn & Spore Syringes
Where to get everything?
Each participant will leave with an inoculated mushroom growing jar, handouts and supporting material.

Darren Springer will lead the workshop. He's a keen mushroom grower and teacher, for the last seven years he has been growing edible mushrooms. He is Horticulture and Food Enterprise worker and tutor for and has translated his home growing experience into a commercial experiment. In this workshop Darren shares his practical tips and experience to help you successfully grow mushrooms at home.

General tickets £30 Earlybird ( before end of July) £20

Psychedelics, Ego Death & The Afterlife

Email: for location information

20:00 - 22:00

In this talk Darren Springer of Ancient Future, will explore ancient mythologies that connect the human entheogenic experience, the mythical Underworld and the ancient art of navigating the afterlife, and how this all corresponds with the psychedelic experience coined "Ego Death".

He will take you on a historical journey and look at the origins of these practices in ancient Africa, Mesopotamia and Europe and how they have become coded in several mythological entheogenic rites of passages throughout the ancient indigenous world in initiation ceremonies and daily ritual.

In this presentation, Darren will share how these Psychedelics were used in experiencing navigating the afterlife and dance with death, allowing you to live a more purposeful and liberated life.

Darren Springer is a grass-roots researcher and event organiser based in London, the Director of Ancient Future, the Convenor of the Psychedelia Railway Gatherings and curator at Earth Tone Arts. After setting up Ancient Future in 2006, a voluntary organisation, he has continued to develop workshops and projects geared around creative arts, personal-development and ancient spiritual systems in his community.

Tickets: £8 advance / £10 on the door


Book now


Book now


DREAM CAMP 21-22nd September



An exciting sleep and dream camp in beautiful countryside on the Kent/Sussex border.

Dream incubation, sleep hypnosis, lucidity technique training, dream yoga, lush country air, herbal elixirs, sleep massage sessions, total digital detox, healthy campfire cooking and loads more.

ONE DAY: £65

Sleep Hypnosis Sessions



Is essential to human health. For cellular regeneration, de-toxification and memory consolidation. Pleasant dreams enormously enhance quality of life. Sleep Hypnosis is a safe and easy way to cultivate the best sort of sleep hygiene and dream practice. Sessions are offered one to one and via Skype. Please email for more details:




Come for ONE or BOTH days.
Tix online or from Wow And Flutter

#DREAMLAB film editor Emily Thomas

Tribune-American Dream Picture by Oakland Tribune-American Publication date 1924 Usage Public Domain Topics San Francisco Bay Area: Oakland, Dreams, Surrealism Digitizing sponsorOakland Tribune-American Astonishing film sponsored by a newspaper which held a contest for the most unusual dream and then made it into a short film.


Spotlight on the #DREAMLAB

Our #DREAMLAB is a collaborative project between archive film producer, researcher and consultant - Emily Thomas (Emily Bear) and Sleep and Dream researcher Sarah Janes.

Emily approached me last year about using dreams to create a film. She asked me to send her voice recordings describing my dreams and she would use this as inspiration for sourcing archive footage, I was really into this idea as I always wanted to be a dream film director and I loved the experiments in Japan where researchers hooked participants up to MRI and YouTube - to match dream content. Check it out :…/japanese-scientists-create-dream-re…/

The timing and flow of Emily's film - give it a real dream-like quality. 

We replaced my dream v/o soundtrack with a dream/sleep incubation hypnosis and inspired by the expanding dream tech market, our #DREAMLAB should be a regular dream generator. 

There is space for two people to lie down comfortably and it will be running throughout #MIND : 2019 . You'll find us upstairs in the MelodyVRpenthouse suite with  The Cyberdelic Society.

Both Emily and myself will be around to chat to if you have any questions. 

I'm also taking part in our #ANCIENTFUTURES panel with Lena KorkovelouDarren Le BaronSanae Orchi and Alistair Coombs and will be covering topics around dream and sleep and the importance of these things historically for consciousness, memory and culture. 

I hold regular dream workshops and retreats with Daniel Lee and Awake + Away and have spoken on the subject at The Psychedelic Society, at numerous Funzing talks in London,  #Bristol and #Manchester, at Mantra Party and Noisily Festival of Music and Arts and recently at West Brompton Cemetery for A Curious Invitation's London dreaming event.

#dream #luciddreaming #dreamlab #sleep #REM #dreamtech#novadreamer #reemee #sleepmasks #sleeping #film #archive #psychdelic#hypnagogic #hypnopompic #dreamincubation #insomina #sleephypnosis#funzing #noisily #psychedelicsociety #ancientculture #sleeptemples
#greatgardenofsleep #dreamsanddeath #ancienthistory



Spotlight on #STARGATE and #remoteviewing

As part of MIND:2019 we are exploring ideas around remote viewing and the historical application of remote viewing techniques to gather information through non-local, non-physical means. We'll be looking into these potentials from both a quantum physics perspective and a spiritual mediumship angle. Stories of astral travel, reincarnation, telepathy and other psi abilities are common place in Eastern cultures. In China many institutions exist where kids can hone their psychic abilities.

This event consists of two parts: 1) The Remote Viewing Training Workshop and 2) The Remote Viewing Symposium. 
The Remote Viewing Symposium:

1) DIA/CIA remote viewing research STARGATE project with David Luke 

David Luke will talk on the DIA/CIA remote viewing research STARGATE project, a multimillion dollar psychic espionage operation that was run by paraphysicists for 20 years until 1987. As a parapsychologist who trained for several months in the USA, David is personally acquainted with 3 of the major operators of the project, and will speak about STARGATE, other remote viewing research and parapsychology in general.

2) The Reclaiming of Remote Viewing with Beatrice Brown 

I was first taught how to remote view by a wild and wrinkled Australian Aunt, who sat at our kitchen table reading jewellery for all the adults. She looked at ten year old me, and said- I’ve never done this before, but you can have a go on that if you like, while she handed me her wedding ring. I held it, eyes closed, and flew over forests and motorways til I could describe her house, her car, and the journey she would take across a big bridge to the home of her estranged daughter. I could see her daughter sitting by the pool and I could feel that she was sad. We never called it Remote Viewing though. It was, like the Tarot cards I’d been given by our lodger Morgan, just a freaky parlour game. It wasn’t until I was an adult and had begun researching the history of Remote Viewing that I realised that RV, like so many magical practices officially belonged to and had been sewn up by the Men In Suits. In this talk I will compare the culture of women skrying in my family and global/ local communities and the phenomenon of Remote Viewing for intelligence agencies and Psi Ops. 

3) Accessing the Akashic Records using Art, Holotropic Breathwork and Remote Viewing with Carl H Smith 

Is there a relationship between navigating the Akashic records with your breath and remote viewing? Can Art act as a trigger for entering remote viewing states? How can Holotropic Breathwork give rise to Holographic visions? Can we use these techniques in groups to enter the same space? 

4) Creating a Remote Viewing Laboratory with Samantha Treasure

Using a haunted building as a makeshift laboratory, a group of paranormal investigators and out-of-body experiencers conducted a set of preliminary experiments to see whether, in an out-of-body state, they could remotely observe an object in another room. These experiments revealed that similar themes were shared between participants in dreams, out-of-body experiences and apparition sightings, calling into question how the remote viewer should differentiate between target content and non-target content (i.e. content originating from the mind of the remote viewer or others). It also calls into question which state is most conducive to "true" remote viewing practice. Sam will discuss these findings and their implications for remote viewing.

5) The Science of Remote Viewing with Jazz Rasool

What in our biology and psychology makes a system to access other regions of time and space? Is the brain the only component of such a system? Are there aspects of Physics or Meditative techniques that we must harness for safe remote viewing?

6) The ArtSensorium Lab with Cynthia Harrison

The ArtSensorium objective was to investigate the hypothesis that thought images can be transferred from one person to another. Three artists collaborate (between Australia and Spain) to develop a process of transferring images through space in an experiment of art by telepathy 'feeling at a distance’, essentially mind-to-mind contact. It became apparent Cynthia was 'Viewing' in 3 distinct ways, one of which was Remote Viewing, were the mind obtains information from anywhere remote in space time on people, places and things. This session is an exploration of observations and new ways of knowing experienced while gathering and recording remote data via a creative process. The ArtSensorium Lab artists include Cynthia Harrison (Australia), Imma Jimenez (Spain) and Cristina Miranda (Spain/Brazil).

The Remote Viewing Training Workshop: 

1) Jewellery Reading Remote Viewing with Beatrice Brown 

During this session Beatrice will invite attendees to bring a piece of jewellery to share and ‘read’ using one of the oldest methodologies of Remote Viewing. What impressions/ memories/frequencies are stored within your family jewels? 

2) The Art of Remote Viewing with Jazz Rasool

Theories underpinning RV are plentiful but are there specific practices that switch on our RV capacity in accelerated ways? Three techniques are presented to take part in that may run counter to traditional RV techniques.

3) Accessing the Internal Channel with Cynthia Harrison

A technique to locate and activate the fundamental control centre of consciousness located within the brain. One of the main points is the Pineal gland, which contains light sensitive cells like those in the retina, indicating that the pineal can ’see’. It is here that we visualise or see things in our minds eye.

4) The Lucid State of Remote Viewing with Sarah Janes

The lucid state is an ideal one in which to aim for remote viewing targets and develop visioning skills. Using the ancient technique of dream incubation, intentions can be set for targets and locations. Sarah will bring an object in a sealed box and invite participants to use the dream state that evening to peer inside and view the contents. A short dream incubation session will help set this intention and results will be assessed at Saturday's symposium.

#PSI #telepathy #remoteviewing #thematrix #ESP #astralprojection#dreams #parapsychology #paranormal #specialabilities #lucidity#channeling #akashicrecords



Spotlight on #HASTINGS !

If you're thinking of coming for one or both days of the conference from out of town, I think you'll enjoy taking some time out and enjoying the local sights, shops and eateries.

Hastings is a really beautiful town, especially along the seafront and around the Old Town area. 

Unlike Brighton, our beaches are rarely busy (sometimes you can go groyne to groyne all on your own) and they are also clean and lovely for swimming in. There have been a lot of seals spotted in the water recently actually!

There are loads of top notch places to eat in both Hastings and neighbouring St Leonards. 

Plus it's going to be lovely weather so you could grab a snack and sit on the beach which is just two minutes from the venue.

Top recommendations for coffee near the venue:

Wow And Flutter - Mostly a record shop but the coffee comes from Sham City Roasters and is A-Okay! 8 Trinity Street.

Hi-Store / HiFest - Also on Trinity Street.

Hanushka Coffee House - Robertson Street cozy cafe full of books

Best for lunch and snacks:

Trinity Wholefoods - Trinity street. Delicious vegetarian and organic snacks. try the cult 'smafels'.

Bullet Coffee House - Delicious breakfasts and lunches, specialising in vegan and gluten-free options. 

Kassa Coffee - is a stroll along the seafront into St. Leonards but worth it for affordable and satisfying big feed nosh ups of Persian and Afghan specials at lunch time. An absolute St Leonards GEM! 

Goat Ledge - Right on the beach in St. Leonards, delicious fish rolls, coffee and ice cream.

Edge St Leonards - A friendly and cozy place on the seafront in St. Leonards. Loads of tasty things on the menu, homemade cakes and the best staff!

Hastings is also home to the World Crazy Golf Championship and our course is definitely worth a go.

There are loads more - please plonk your suggestions in the comments...


MIND: Past, Present + Future / Cyberdelics / Remote Viewing
ONE DAY: £10 TWO DAYS: £15
Tickets Online now at Ticketsource:
Or from your favourite record shop:
Wow And Flutter 8 Trinity Street, Hastings 

Jayney GoddardSanae OrchiDarren Le Baron (Darren Springer)


As well as entire floor dedicated to emerging tech, Virtual Reality experiences and our #DREAMLAB, we recognise that the future is going to change us inwardly.

I heard a radio documentary some years ago, that talked about the first steam train trip and how some excited ladies were so overwhelmed by the speed, sound and sensations that they fainted. 

We are still, more-or-less, those sensitive human beings, and yet now we are living in an increasingly polluted, toxic, noisy, stressful and technological environment. Our perceptions are bombarded with stimuli that can speed us up and make us feel very discombobulated at times. How can we find peace, health and harmony in amidst all of this?

Our speakers : Jayney GoddardDarren Le Baron and Sanae Orchi will tackle these issue.

Jayney Goddard President, The Complementary Medical Association, Founder and Co-Chair, The British Academy for Lifestyle Medicine

Jayney is one of the world’s leading experts in the natural youth and anti-ageing arena and it’s her mission to empower you with all the tips and techniques you need, to look smoking hot AND be happier, healthier, brainier, sexier, stress resilient, leaner, energetic and more joyful than you ever imagined!

Jayney has personally experienced devastating, life-threatening illness, which had her admitted into hospice care and then left her wheelchair-bound for over ten years.

At that time, she also measured a full 20 years older – biologically – than her actual age was. By using the exact approaches she employed to get well then, and still uses and teaches to this day, she not only survived against all the odds and learned to walk again, she has also rewound her own body clock into the bargain!

Her recently published book: Rewind Your Body Clock is one of the best-selling health and lifestyle titles on

Jayney now measures over 27 years younger than her real age and lives a vibrant and hugely energetic life, travelling the world as a teacher, speaker and author.

Sanae Orchi Sanae Orchi is a Dutch/Moroccan TV presenter, public speaker and teacher of Ancient African Yoga (Smai Tawi). After graduating as an economist it was media that took her attention. For years she presented many tv programs and became a well-known TV personality.

_‘On the surface everybody thought I had it all because I was popular, but deep down I felt empty.’ _

She went through a series of challenging experiences and life questions. Sanae’s journey has led her to studying and sharing both modern and ancient spiritual practices. She is now sharing this knowledge and her experiences in an ‘urban sexy’ way for others, especially the young generation to experience self realisation for themselves.

Darren Le Baron - Darren Springer
Darren Springer is a grass-roots researcher and event organiser based in London. After setting up Ancient Future in 2006, he has continued to develop workshops and projects geared around creative arts, personal-development and African-Caribbean spiritual systems in his community. Collectively his work aims to inform and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to cope with social challenges and contribute to community development as well as self-improvement in an innovative and culturally-aware style. He has presented at the Breaking Convention in London, the Detroit Entheogenic Conference, Ozora in Hungary, Altered in Berlin and numerous consciousness. Darren is a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker who is passionate about sharing his research on African Entheogenic plants and their various applications on the continent and the diaspora. 

He often lead mushroom cultivation workshops for The Psychedelic Society (Shroomshop) and is passionate about #permculture and self-sufficient and self-regulating communities

Permaculture Magazine The Psychedelic Society discussion groupHealthy Body and Mind - Turnbull Training Social Hub CONSCIOUS & HEALTHY LIVING Nootropica - Nootropics, Biohacking & Health SciencesHealth Sustain HealthMag Sussex Skin Health Healthy-Neighbourhoods Cic HEALTH Mental Health Foundation Psychedelics, Yoga, and the Sacred Union Yoga Meets Depth Psychology Lisa Powell Yoga Nidra Network Wellness and motivation Wellness Arena One You East SussexMelaleuca The Wellness Company in ' Kent & Sussex' ELXR WellnessMenofManual

#health #wellbeing #energy #happiness #fitness #lifestyle #vitality #yoga#wellness #smaitawi #africanyoga


Spotlight on The Cyberdelic Society and founding members Carl H Smith and Jose Montemayor Alba

Two of my MOST favourite people in the world! Carl and Jose are inspirational educators and visionaries, working with real passion and enthusiasm with the life-enhancing potentials of emerging technologies to improve our future world, expand our individual perspective and aid in the co-creation of a more ecologically-minded and conscious culture.

The Cyberdelic Society has recently had showcases in #Melbourne#Amsterdam#Barcelona#Berlin for Occulture Berlin,  #Prague with Beyond Psychedelics, with The Psychedelic Society at Noisily Festivaland #London, so I am highly delighted to welcome them to my home town of #Hastings

Carl H Smith is Director of the Learning Technology Research Centre (LTRC) and Principal Research Fellow at Ravensbourne. His background is in Computer Science and Architecture. He is an academic and developer with over 15 years’ experience conducting R+D into the application of hybrid technologies for perceptual and cognitive transformation. He is currently working on 4 EU projects including the newly funded Horizon 2020 project ‘[WEKIT] Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training’ which will use the latest in wearable and motion tracking technology to create ‘wearable experience’ – an entirely new form of media. He has also worked on a number of large-scale FP7 and Leonardo Life Long Learning European projects. His research interests include Embodied Cognition, Spatial Literacy, Perceptual Technology and Human Centric Methodologies and Pedagogies. He specialises in using hybrid reality methodologies and visualization techniques to produce augmented spaces for the generation and transformation of learning. His earlier research involved the investigation of these augmented forms of learning from the point of view of their units of construction - to see across the whole range of constituent parts, schemas and key narratives involved in their successful design and development. He has previously worked at the Computing departments at London Metropolitan University, Glasgow and Sheffield University. The Learning Technology Research Centre (LTRC) conducts design research into the application of information and communication technologies to augment, support and transform cognition.

Carl recently gave a back to back Keynote with Ray Kurzweil (Director of Engineering at Google) in Melbourne at Creative Innovation, 2019. And his panel contribution at MIND: is likely to explore the relationship between #Humanism#Transhumanism and #Hyperhumanism (Posthumanism) and what each system of thought can do for #Intelligence Augmentation.

Jose Montemayor Alba is a visual artist, psychonaut and VR programmer. He has developed Virtual Awakening and will discuss near-death experiences; what cutting-edge technology can teach us about being human; and how psychedelics and VR are combining to create ‘Cyberdelic Psychotherapy’.

Virtual and augmented reality are already being used to heal traumas, dementia and body dysmorphia. What lessons can we take from psychedelic therapy to harness these new technologies.

Everything is changing – the content and the audience. In VR experiences, the viewer no longer experiences content, but becomes the medium itself. This is a paradigm shift not only in tech, but also in Art and our ability to share common human experiences.

£10 / £15
ONE or TWO DAY Tickets Available online now

For full listings please see event page

Tickets can also be bought from Wow And Flutter
8 Trinity Street, Hastings.

MIND: Past, Present + Future / Cyberdelics / Remote Viewing

#transhumanism #technology #ai #systemsintelligence #culture #art#beauty #cyberdelicsociety #tech #human #ecology #psychedelics#cyberdelics #hastings #rockhouse #mind #google #raykurzweil#creativeinnovation #virtualreality #vr #ar #wearables #somatic #augmentation #perception #sense #seaside #conference #academic #festival #noisily #london #education #vision #space #wekit #nasa #ravensbourne #university #healingtrauma #psychotherapy



Spotlight of Dr. Blay Whitby and Brian Earp who will both be talking on our #FUTUREHUMANS panel on Friday.

Both Dr. Whitby and Brian have joined us at the The Explorers CLUB before.

Dr Blay Whitby is a philosopher and ethicist concerned with the social impact of new and emerging technologies. He is a leading researcher in the field and the author of many books, chapters and papers on the subject including “On Computable Morality”, “Reflections on Artificial Intelligence: The Legal, Moral and Ethical Dimensions and “Artificial Intelligence, A Beginner’s Guide”.

Dr Whitby is a member of the Strategic Ethics Committee of BCS The Chartered Institute of IT and ethical advisor to the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Blay's talk : Do You Want a Robot Lover? Went down extremely well at the club and I'm looking forward to Blay and Brian discussing the future of love and relationships with the advancements in romantic and intimate technology in mind.

Brian is Associate Director of the Yale-Hastings Program in Ethics and Health Policy at Yale University and Research Fellow in the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford. His work is cross-disciplinary, following training in philosophy, cognitive science, psychology, history and sociology of science and medicine, and ethics. 

Brian Earp's last talk with us was concerning health ethics and neuroenhancements for love and romance, such as oxytocin nasal sprays and MDMA used in relationship counselling. 

He also discussed the dampening effects both depression and antidepressants can have on libido and the ability to emotionally connect with your partner and the prevalence of 'chemically enhanced marriages'. 

#ethics #drugs #MDMA #oxytocin #robots #sex #relationships #love and #romance #chemicals #AI #UniversityofSussex #Oxford #neuroscience#sexrobot #psychology #philosophy #IT #computationalneuroscience#computers #attraction #artificialintelligence



Continuing the profile highlight of our contributors...
Today it's - Jazz Rasool.

Jazz Rasool is a Researcher and Developer at the Learning Technology Research Centre (LTRC) based at Ravensbourne University London and has a Bachelor's degree in Physics and Masters degree in 3D Computer Modelling. His recent work has been centred on EU funded research where he has created software and processes to roadmap emerging futures in the European creative sectors of Art, Architecture, Design, Gaming, Media and e-Publishing. 

At Ravensbourne he's been part of a team developing VR/wearable technology to help train students in various highly-skilled disciplines and challenging environments, such as medical procedures and in astronaut training. 

Jazz has 35 years' experience in computer programming and is a web designer as well as being the first certified graphics engineer in the UK for the Corel Graphics company. He created 'Atmascape', software that psychologically profiles a person to create graphical heat maps of the motivations, strengths and weaknesses in their Learning and Creativity. He has imported these Atmascape maps into the Unity 3D game engine to build 3D terrains that form the foundations of a Virtual Reality world. In this virtual world, each person can experience and travel through their 'inner landscape' leading to applications in improved mental health, learning, creativity and even social wellbeing.

Jazz will be in Hastings next week talking about - sentient, emotional, mental, perceptual, sensory and physical energy. He'll be taking part in our #FUTUREHUMANS panel alongside Jayney GoddardBrian Earp(neuroethics, philosophy and health policy- University of Oxford), Carl H Smith and Dr. Blay Whitby (AI, ethics) from the University of Sussex

Looking at telepathy as well as Remote Viewing and Healing in our Remote Viewing: Training Workshop and Symposium chaired by Carl H Smith (also at the LTRC Ravensbourne).

Tickets online here: 
£10 ONE DAY / £15 TWO DAYS

#ravensbourne #wekit #ravensbourne #jazzrasool #learning #education#space #astronauts #training #vr #ar #xr #tools #ravensbourne #virtualreality #EU #virtual #transhumanism #remoteviewing




So I thought I'd share some interesting stuff about the brilliant speakers that will be attending the conference next week...

DAY ONE - Dr. David Luke

David Luke is an truly unusual academic, with probably one of the most cool and weird areas of specialty imaginable 'Exceptional Human Experience'. 

All forms of fantastic phenomenon such as telepathy, remote viewing, psychedelic psychology, spiritual epiphanies, Out-of-Body- Experiences, Near Death Experiences, pre-cognition, lucid dreams and ESP fly into his pigeon hole at The University of Greenwich, where he is Senior Lecturer in Psychology and an Inspirational Teaching Award Winner. 

He's always been one of the most fun and popular The Explorers CLUBspeakers and has recently given many talks in #London with Funzing with very snappy, crowd-pulling titles such as 'Tales from a Psychedelic Researcher' and 'Death, DMT and Discarnate Entities'.

He is one of the key figures in the current #Psychedelic Renaissance, organising the enormous bi-annual psychedelic conference Breaking Convention: 5th International Psychedelic Conference at The University of Greenwich. 

David had grabbed headlines for being a 'Psychedelic Indiana Jones' and his stories of amazing entheogenic adventures with indigenous people all over the world make his talks especially engaging and colourful.

His new book: New book: Otherworlds: Psychedelics and Exceptional Human Experience' - was the winner of the Parapsychological Association Annual Book Award 2018.

Dr. David Luke will be joining us on Saturday to head up our Remote Viewing: Training Workshop and Symposium

David will talk on the DIA/CIA remote viewing research #STARGATEproject, a multimillion dollar psychic espionage operation that was run by paraphysicists for 20 years until 1987. As a parapsychologist who trained for several months in the USA, David is personally acquainted with 3 of the major operators of the project, and will speak about STARGATE, other remote viewing research and parapsychology in general.

Tickets are just £15/£10 and still available online at TicketSource and locally from wow and flutter, and you can get a pass for either one or two days.

University of Greenwich Psychedelic Society Breaking Convention The Beckley Foundation University of Greenwich Alumni The Psychedelic Society discussion group PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE UKC Psychedelics Society Funzing Talks London Ecology, Cosmos and ConsciousnessFunzing Talks Funzing Daily Star DMT Dialogues: Encounters with the Spirit Molecule DMT a hidden history DMT: The Spirit Molecule Mind, Myth and Magic Esoteric Psychology and Human Energy Systems of the Wisdom Retreat Center Parapsychology MMU Parapsychology SocietyNon-Local Consciousness (Psi/Afterlife) Scientific Education ResourceNTA Psi Experience Community Extra-sensory perceptionParapsychology Parapsychology Parapsychology

#precognition #parapsychology #ESP #PSI #telepathy #psychology#DMT #Ayahuasca #psychedelics #luciddreams #OBE #NDE#remoteviewing #humans #XR #future #dreams #breakingconvention#entheogens #shamanic



31st MAY - 1st JUNE



A Symposium of future thought and technology.

Explore VR Worlds, emerging technologies and cutting-edge philosophy and psychology with some of the world's most forward-thinking academics, researchers and technologists.

Book now


Exploring everything from somatic wearables that alter your sensory perception to love drugs, sex robots and secret CIA remote viewing studies.

Experts in all these fields and more, from all over the world are converging in Hastings to bring some of the newest knowledge and most recent technology to the public.

The Explorers Club is a local, DIY educational outfit that has been operating out of living rooms all over Hastings and St. Leonards since 2012.

MIND: brings together some of the most popular lecturers and researchers the club has welcomed over the years, with some of their most exciting and weird projects. 

Taking the format of a very relaxed conference, attendees will get the opportunity to ask questions, take part in debates, experience VR and other technologies first hand, practice remote viewing techniques and experience sleep hypnosis in a Dream Lab and more.

Confirmed Speakers:

Dr. David Luke (University of Greenwich), Carl H. Smith (Ravensbourne University London), Lena Korvovelou, Samantha Treasure (Birkbeck), Jazz Rasool (Ravensbourne), Jayney Goddard (CMA), Sarah Janes (The Explorers Club, Alistair Coombs (SOAS), Brian Earp (Oxford University), Dr. Blay Whitby (University of Sussex), Darren Springer (Ancient Futures), Cynthia Harrison (Rhombus Healing Arts), Beatrice Brown, Jose Montemayor Alba (Virtual Awakenings) and Sanae Orchi (African Yoga)


The Dark Light of the Soul - Sleep Hypnosis and Dream Incubation

DARK RADIANCE WORKSHOP at Brompton Cemetery for London Dreaming

Inner visions of sleep and death


The Fumigation from a Poppy.

Sleep [Hypnos], king of Gods, and men of mortal birth, sov'reign of all sustain'd by mother Earth;

For thy dominion is supreme alone, o'er all extended, and by all things known.

'Tis thine all bodies with benignant mind in other bands than those of brass to bind:

Tamer of cares, to weary toil repose, from whom sweet solace in affliction flows.

Thy pleasing, gentle chains preserve the soul, and e'en the dreadful cares of death controul;

For Death [Thanatos] and Lethe with oblivious stream, mankind thy genuine brothers justly deem.

With fav'ring aspect to my pray'r incline, and save thy mystics in their works divine.

Dreams and Death in Ancient Greece

The Underworld of ancient Greece and the landscapes of the dream realms have an affinity in feeling and visual representation. Darkness begets light in the earliest cosmologies and an interesting description of light quality in these parallel realms is worth contemplating. Ancient texts speak of a ‘dark radiance’.

You may have experienced this quality of seeing in dreams or NDEs yourself. I have observed it as a dark light, a lunar, blue-violet emanation coming from within the material of the dream world. This in contrast to the wakeful visual experience of light reflecting off of surfaces. This reflects the idea of dream vision being an interpretation of internal signals rather than external information.

Dreaming is a full body experience

How are we able to see in our dreams when our eyes are closed? One theory [I. N. Pigarev, 2014] suggests our visual processing systems switch from retrieving information from external sources when awake (exteroception), to visually interpreting signals from the visceral systems of our sleeping body (interoception). Dreaming is a full body experience. So are we conjuring images that match the processes occurring within ourselves? During sleep, your body does not stop processing information, it may even become much more sensitive to the subtle fluctuations in somatic and automatic nervous system functions. 

It also brings me to the idea that with lucid dreams - there may exist the potential to influence these processes with conscious intention, using symbolic representation to effect a physical cure. In this unique state of consciousness, might it be the case that the mind and body connection is at its most potent?

I believe this was the foundation for the ancient Greek idea of dream incubation, a form of hypnosis which guided patients into sleep, seeding the hypnagogic state with powerful suggestions and intentions for contact the supplicant to come into contact with the healer god Asklepios. The Placebo effect is very well documented, but might we also think of it as a ‘Panacea’ effect (Panacea from Greek panakeia, from panakēs ‘all-healing’, and also the daughter of Asklepios). Was Panacea the dream cure?

Memory in the Underworld

One of the interesting attendant gods of the sleep temples was Mnemosyne (Titaness and personification of Memory), her invocation was a prerequisite in the final stages of dream incubation. The role and art of memory was recognised as being vitally important to the ancient Greek psyche. Remembrance was the path to immortality and this understanding relates to Mnemosyne’s function in the Orphic Mysteries and oracle traditions, notably Trophonius. In these traditions we also find her sister, Lethe represented (personification of forgetfulness, oblivion). The initiation is the experience of divine remembrance, indicated in the Orphic gold tablets (a sort of instruction manual of dying for initiates of the Orphic Mysteries).

You will find on the right in Hades' halls a spring, and by it stands a ghostly cypress-tree, where the dead souls descending wash away their lives. Do not even draw nigh this spring. Further on you will find chill water flowing from the pool of Memory: over this stand guardians. They will ask you with keen mind what is your quest in the gloom of deadly Hades. They will ask you for what reason you have come. Tell them the whole truth straight out. Say: 'I am the son of Earth and starry Heaven, but of Heaven is my birth: this you know yourselves. I am parched with thirst and perishing: give me quickly chill water flowing from the pool of Memory.' Assuredly the kings of the underworld take pity on you, and will themselves give you water from the spring divine; then you, when you have drunk, traverse the holy path which other initiates and bacchants tread in glory. After that you will rule amongst the other heroes.

Dream Evolution

The visceral dream theory does not, for me at least, diminish the spiritual, psychological or emotional dimensions of the dream experience. Modern scientific consciousness research is peculiarly brain-centric, but we are so much more than our brains. We are a colony of consciousness, borne of our culture, and our experience and conditioning Here there arises a sense of ‘Self’, perhaps illusory, probably some sort of cultural acciden

As a seemingly self-aware manifestation of cosmic energy on a small spinning planet, occupying a relatively tiny quadrant of space, our complex sense of self-importance is pretty spectacular.

Julian Jaynes’s Bicameral Mind theory [Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, J. Jaynes, 1977] goes someway at least to explore the idea of consciousness and perception evolving alongside human cultural developments and a potential neurophysiological basis for the Ego. 

Dreams go someway to perpetuate the Ego experience. I would propose dreams were the first narratives that humans recorded and in the recording of the first dreams, the future manifests itself, I believe dreaming and reality work as a sort of feedback system. The more one becomes familiar with their own dream language and psychic terrain, the easier it is to interpret your inner visions. You may even see the workings of your own body from within, as the body and mind synchronise. 

12th JULY - Past, Present & Future of Mind

PANEL DISCUSSION hosted by The Explorers CLUB

What do we know of Mind?

Sarah Janes of the Explorers Club brings together some very fine minds and academic researchers to discuss the Past, Present & Future of Mind. How do our thought worlds come into being? How has our consciousness evolved over time? What can we do to optimise our cerebral connections with one another and the planet? 

With the exploding Psychedelic Renaissance in the scientific community, a widespread re-invigoration of ancient spiritual technologies, transhumanism, bio-hacking, VR, nootropics, longevity cults and the uncharted terrain of artificial intelligence - reality has never been more flexible. What impact does this have on our mental faculties, our memory, our sense of belonging and our perception of time and space?