Sarah Janes is a lucid dreaming expert who has been lucid dreaming since early childhood. She's an independent researcher who has written on the subject for The Idler, The Bohemian, The Journal of Paranthropology and Ancient Origins and is finishing a book about ancient dream incubation practices, she is also developing lucid dream inspired Virtual Reality experiences and curating events and workshops on the subject. 

Sarah Janes has a particular interest in the dream incubation techniques used in the sleep temples of ancient Greece and a guided dream incubation meditation will form part of this experience. 

THE EXPLORERS CLUB is a lecture club based in St Leonards on Sea and organised and managed by Sarah Janes. The club explores a great variety of topics from neuroscience, AI and sex robots to transpersonal psychology, Greek myths and shamanism. Check the Facebook link below for up coming events.

Twitter : @sarahjanes77

Insta: sarahjanes22

Facebook: /sarah.bohemia

Facebook events: /explorersstleonards/


Sleep retreats: