My name is Sarah Janes. I’m an independent researcher with a particular interest in dream culture in the ancient world and I have written about dreams and other things for The Idler, The Bohemian, The Journal of Paranthropology and Ancient Origins.

I also run the Explorers Club (St. Leonards Chapter), collaborate with Carl H. Smith on a VR project bringing ancient and future technologies together and organise dream retreats with fellow lucid dreamer Daniel Lee.

DREAM INCUBATION AND SLEEP HYPNOSIS Dream incubation and sleep hypnosis are techniques I use in my workshops to help participants become more conscious in their dreams. Inspired by ancient Greek dream incubation techniques, I can guide you through hypnagogia, seeding your visualisations with intentions for healing in the dream state. Good quality sleep and emotionally satisfying dreams can have an enormously beneficial impact on health, wellbeing and contentment.

Individual consultations, home visits and Skype sessions can be arranged by emailing: or calling me on 07786 686 786.

THE EXPLORERS CLUB is my lecture club based in St Leonards on Sea. The club explores a great variety of topics from neuroscience, AI and sex robots to transpersonal psychology, Greek myths and shamanism. Check the Facebook link below for up coming events.

THE SEVENTH RAY is a Mixed Reality  platform inspired by Mystery School initiation techniques of the ancient world. The platform employs the latest in perceptual and sensory augmentation technologies to explore the meaning and modern day significance of these ancient ceremonies. The historic texts provide a formula and the new technologies provide the tools to revive these rites into previously unimaginable formulations.

AWAKE + AWAY organises dream retreats for those interested in learning and developing dream skills and lucid lifestyles.

Twitter : @sarahjanes77

Insta: sarahjanes22